Credit Placements To Corporate Clients

The Bank approves various types of credits in RSD and foreign exchange, issues and confirms guaranties, purchases securities with discount, adds avail to bills of exchange etc.


Credits in RSD and Foreign Currency

The Bank approves the following types of credit

  • Long-term credits with repayment period over 1 year
  • Short-term credits with flat repayment in 1 year.
  • Short-term credits with successive repayment in period of 1 year
  • Short-term revolving credits with repayment period of 1 year.


Guarantee operations

The Bank issues:

  • Payment guaranties in RSD and foreign currency
  • Performance guaranties in RSD and foreign currency
  • Guaranty confirmation
  • Letters of intention for guaranties issuing


Operations of Securities Purchasing with Discount

The Bank buys with discount bills of exchange, promissory notes, invoices and letters of credit.


Construction sureties bill

The Bank adds avail to the following categories of bills of exchange:

  • by virtue of turnover of goods or services and money transactions
  • issued for the purpose of participation in bidding and performance guaranteeing


Issuing of Payment Cards

The Bank issues payment cards (VISA and Dina) with limit to be fixed depending on turnover on account and average balance of account. Maximum limit is RSD 500.000,00.