Foreign Currency and RSD Payment Operations

RSD Payment Operations

RSD payments of corporate clients – payments and collections are executed by submitting order at the Banks counters or through E-banking – service enabling access to accounts , statements forwarding, payment and transfer of funds from RSD accounts.

To become an e-banking services user, a corporate client has to fill in an application form and sign a Contract on rendering of E-banking services.

Payment operations (internal and interbanking) under RTGS and clearing system, the Bank charges in conformity with its Tarrifs, depending on the order amount and precise time of order submitting.

Charges for E-banking orders is 20% lower than for personally submitted orders.

Depending on average balance on RSD current account the Bank monthly calculates and credits interest also to deposits at sight.


Foreign Currency Payment Operations

The Bank performs foreign currency payment operations – payments to countries abroad and collections from those countries, against presentation of payment orders and documentation submitted in conformity with legal regulations.

The Bank also renders the following assistance to the clients:

  • Opening of nostro letters of credit and participation in collection of loro letters o credit (acceptance, checking of documents, instructions) purchaseof loro letters of credit
  • Consulting with respect of selection of payment operations instruments
  • Selling of foreign currency and foreign cash for payments abroad and other purposes stipulated by the rules, purchase of foreign currency in time limits adjusted to needs clients international payments operations.

    Fees and other expenses for international payment operations are charged in conformity with Bank’s Tarrifs. Banks clients are charged for all fees and expenses which foreign correspondent banks charge the Bank for executing their orders.