Opening of RSD and Foreign Currency Accounts

Opening of account usually precedes the establishment of business cooperation between Bank and the corporate client. RSD and foreign currency accounts, regular and special purpose accounts, for residents and non-residents are opened after signing contracts on account opening and keeping.

In order to open account corporate client has to submit the following documents

  • Application for account opening
  • Certificate of incorporation or statement issued by authority in charge for registration of corporations in the Republic of Serbia (not older than 3 months, original and certified copy) – for residents, and certificate of incorporation or statement issued by authority in charge with certified translation in Serbian language (original or certified copy not older than 3 months) – for non-residents
  • Tax identification number statement
  • Statistical statement (for clients registered with a court)
  • Signatures of persons authorized for representation (OP form) verified by the competent
  • body (original or certified copy),
  • Card of deposited signatures
  • Copy of identification document for authorized persons
  • Company founder – legal entity with more than 25% of the company share has to submit a certified copy of incorporation document with translation or copy of personal identification document or passport for founder – individual.
  • Other documentation prescribed by regulations

Account maintenance, issuing of statements, closing of accounts, as well as issuing of various confirmations and reports at clients request are charged in accordance with Banks Tarrifs.

The Bank considers requests for account opening and documentation submitted and decides whether to open an account in conformity with Banks rules and procedures. Should the request be refused, the Bank is not obliged to explain the decision.