International payment operations

JUBMES banka offers you the following advantages related to international payment operations:

  • Processing loro payment orders free of charge, enabling clients to dispose of their funds immediately: for example by ordering international payments or drawing money in dinar counter-value;
  • Provision of foreign currency funds needed for international payments execution, applying the favorable rates depending on the amount and daily exchange rates. Spot trade or forward trade.
  • Out-going remittances execution on the same day and with the same value date, putting the funds at your business partner’s immediate disposal owing to our excellent relationship with our foreign correspondent banks. In order to enable us to effect your payment order urgently, please provide us with the required documents and sufficient funds. Until the end of the same working day we shall send you a copy of our SWIFT message, as a proof of the execution done;
  • Admission and processing of loro letters of credit and issuing nostro L/Cs, including our professional assistance when negotiating L/C conditions.
  • It would be our pleasure to provide you the consulting services necessary for your negotiations with foreign business partner.

Our principal foreign correspondent banks are:

    Intesa SanPaolo S.p.A. ,Milano (BCITITMM)
    Société Generale, Paris (SOGEFRPP)
    UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Wien (BKAUATWW)
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney (CTBAAU2S)
    Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd., Singapore (OCBCSGSG)

    +381 11 2205 630

    +381 11 2205 684

    +381 11 2205 631