Payment Operations in dinars

JUBMES banka will meet your needs and earn your trust by providing:

  • Efficient and reliable execution of the local and international payment operations.
  • Daily reports on all account entries, at your choice;
  • Pay in of turn-over, 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year,
  • Internal payment operations even on Saturdays for our clients
  • Electronic payment ordering from your premises – you may use our equipment and IT programs for free;
  • Attractive tariffs;
  • 20% reduce of our fees and charges for electronic payment orders in RSD:
  • Admission of security instruments, registration of bills of exchange/authorizations in the NBS Registry and realization of compulsory collection.
  • Checks collection in most efficient manner;
  • Current account overdraft;
  • Business “charge” cards;
  • Secrecy and safety of all accounts held with the Bank;
  • Up-dated information on all transactions forwarded promptly;
  • Competent units support and prompt orders execution;
  • Calculation and payment of interest on your RSD sight deposits and;
Professional service and personal kindness of our employees

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