Short-term refinancing loans in dinars with fixed interest rate

You can refinance obligations under your currency accounts, credit cards and loans granted by other banks, as well as your obligations under leasing contracts, with additional cash opportunity.

  • Fixed interest rate;
  • Monthly interest rate remains the same during the whole repayment period, regardless the euro exchange rate oscilations;
  • Quick loan execution after simple procedure;
  • No deposit required;
  • No hidden charges;
  • You have no obligation to direct your income to account with JUBMES banka
  • For amounts up to RSD 900.000 no endorser required.

Product Basic Features

Loan typeShort-term refinancing loan in dinars for refinancing of obligations under loans, credit cards, obligations under current aacounts approved by other banks and obligations under leasing contracts
Loan currency RSD
Loan amount 10.000,00– 1.200.000,00 RSD depending on applicant’s credibility
Repayment period Up to 12 months
Deposit/participation No deposit, no participation
Interest calculation method Proportional
Fixed nominal interest rate p.a. 6,99 -7,99%(for applicants having regular monthly income to account held with Jubmes banka )

11,5% (for others)

Security Instruments

2 (two) solo bills of exchange with the „no protest“ clause and/or solo bill of exchange signed by one endorser having credibility for loans over RSD 900,000,00.
Charges to be borne by the applicant, (charges recognized in the moment of contracting, which are applied in calculation of effective interest rate)
Fee for processing of the Loan Application 2% of loans amount, flat, payable in advance
Charges for the Credit Bureau Report (for applicant) RSD 246,00
Charges for the Credit Bureau Report (for endorser) RSD 102,00
Bill of Exchange (one) RSD 50,00

Documentation required with the Loan Application

  1. Completed Application Form for loan product (1 copy in original);
  2. Conformation on employment and income of the loan user/endorser certified by the employer (1 copy in original, signed and certified by the employer’s authorized persons)
  3. Confirmatio/Certification on the amount of obligaton, being a subject of refinancing, not older that 7 days, with clear instructions for payment. / Original, signed and certifired by the Bank’s officer in charge from the Bank which approved the credit palcement to be refinanced / 1 copy

  4. Personal identification document of the applicant/endorser (1 copy – photocopy);
  5. Decision on inscription in Courts Registry - only for owners of agencies and independent shops (photocopy - original for inspection) 1 copy;
  6. Decision concerning Tax on income issued by Tax Office (original for inspection) only for owners of agencies and independent shops;
  7. Certification on paid tax on income and tax basis issued by Tax Office - only for owners of agencies and independent shops (photocopy - original for inspection);1 copy;
  8. PPDG-5 form required for all applicants being tax payers in conformity with the Individual Income Tax Law (photocopy - original for inspection) 1 copy;
  9. Bank’s statement on turnover on the current account for previous three months (if no account opened with the Bank) original, issued by the bank where applicant has current account with regular income (1 copy);
  10. Pension checks from previous three months (for pensioners) - Original or photocopy (1 copy)
  11. Consent of applicant/endorser that the Bank may require the report from the Credit Bureau (original signed by the applicant/endorser)1 copy;
  12. Decision on Administrative Order / Original certified by the employer of the applicant/endorser / 2 copies
  13. Permanent order for settlement of the borrower’s obligations (Original signed by the client) - 2 copies
  14. Draft Authorization for applicant / endorser / Original signed by applicant/endorser / 2 copies
  15. Confirmation on the received valuables / Original signed by the applicant /3 copies;
  16. Questionnaire for individual clients (trasante) - Original signed by the client - 1 copy;
  17. Questionnaire on connected persons – Original signed by the applicant – one copy

All required documents should be presented by the applicant personally

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+381 11 2205 643