Special purpose deposits in dinars

JUBMES Banka opens and maintains special purpose accounts in dinars for the following aims:

  • Taking participation in the privatization process;
  • Shares purchase;
  • Shares sale;
  • Equity depositing;
  • Deposits for company’s re-capitalization;

      The deposited funds are not disposable before fulfilment of all contractual obligations. Nevertheless, the deposited funds may be used for repayment of contractual obligations.

      The Bank shall not calculate fees and/or charges on the deposited funds, which will be borne by the client.


      Deposit insurance

      JUBMES banka is a participant of the mandatory deposit insurance system governed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia.

      Detailed information available at www.aod.rs

      You will receive our offer related to rental savings at Bank Branch counters.

      The Bank shall treat data on saving deposits as business secret, guaranteeing full data safety and deposits availability.

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