Current Accounts For Salaries And Pensions

To all customers wishing to receive their monthly income through JUBMES banka we offer the following advantages:

  • You will receive your salary or pension free of charge
  • Cards:
  • DinaCard – an identification card, will be handed to you free of charge at the occasion of account opening;
  • VISA electron- will be handed to you free of charge at the occasion of foreign currency account opening;
  • Checks – will be issued to you free of charge, in conformity with the balance on your account;
  • HOME BANKING– E-banking facility provided through Internet, fully supported by counters service (funds transfer, bills payment, balance and transactions review, exchange operations...);
  • Permanent payment order – no need for visiting the Bank, regular payment of housing bills and other similar monthly duties...
  • Approved current account overdraft;
  • Credit recharge of the prepaid mobile phones;
  • Landline phone bills payment via mobile phone;
  • Credit cards issuing under favorable conditions;
  • Credits approval under favorable conditions;
  • SMS reports on cards usage and funds inflow to account.

Monthly fee for current account keeping and maintaining:

  • Current account for salaries 280,00 RSD;
  • Current account for pensions 140,00 RSD

+381 11 2205 690