Instruments for protection against the foreign exchange risk

  • Forward purchase/sale of foreign currency
  • RSD deposits with the currency clause


Forward purchase/sale of foreign currency

Client may buy the foreign currency on certain future date in the period of three months following the date of the contract signing, with fixed rate and amount. In this way the client is safe from the foreign currency risk and may calculate his funds flow in advance.

Forward purchase/sale of foreign currency:

  • Partially coveredForward purchase/sale of foreign currency,enabling fixing of the forward rate for the certain date and amount in perspective.
  • Fully covered Forward purchase/sale of foreign currency, enabling very favorable rate

    RSD deposits with the currency clause

    At the time of the contract signing, the deposit funds will be converted into euro under currently valid exchange rate and finally the principal in euro will be paid in RSD counter-value under the exchange rate valid on the deposit maturity date. In this manner the client will preserve his RSD funds value from the dinar depreciation risk.

    For additional information please address the Treasury Department.

    Mr. Predrag Milivojević
    phone: +381(0)11 2205 533